Our Vision
Our Vision
  1. Party Structure
    • Create a partnership with local parties, Tea Party organizations, and other liberty minded groups.  Build a statewide infrastructure that build upon the synergy of these groups coming together with a mutual vision as defined in our Republican Party of Texas platform.  
    • Open RPT offices across the state of Texas utilizing local talent, focusing on urban and rural areas.  
    • Build party grassroots organizations in counties that currently lack a strong party organization.  Leave no county behind!
  2. Fundraising
    • Hold regional fundraising events in coordination with local party leaders, Tea Party leaders, and liberty minded organizations.  Grow the Grassroots Club into an organization that communicates with our base and provides incentives for participating, including regional events and rallies.  If this program is successful, it should fund the day to day operations of the Republican Party of Texas.
    • Grow our on-line presence and utilize a more effective mail program that encourages individuals to donate to an organization that is making a difference.  Provide an online publication that keeps our base posted on races, events, and issues.  
    • A party that stands for something is a party that will inspire people to give.  Our current RPT doesn’t stand for issues that are important to our base.  It is silent on the issues of the day and ignores our RPT platform.  If we will stand for something, we will inspire a new generation of activist, volunteers and donors.  
    • Grow our major donor program.  We have lost numerous major donors and they are not being replaced.  We must give them a reason to give.  We must boldly stand for for faith, family, and freedom.  
    • I will personally travel the state meeting with major donors.  Sharing with them a vision for a vibrant, bold, courageous party that speaks to the issues of the day.  
  3. Growing a New Generation of Leaders
    • Work with home schoolers, private schools, public schools, and colleges to create partnerships that educate the next generation of leaders on what our Republican Party stands for.  Encourage the next generation of leaders to participate in the election process, volunteering, working with elected officials, and providing mentors for our future leaders.  
  4. Recruiting Leaders
    • We will make every county has a county chair.  We will identify vulnerable Democrats and hold liberal Republicans accountable for their votes.  We will work to build a farm team, identifying candidates to serve on city councils, school boards, and other governing bodies. We will also provide training for these candidates in their respective areas.
  5. Messaging
    • Educate the electorate on what our RPT platform states. Communicate and stand behind our platform and those elected officials who stand with our base.   
    • Utilized social networking and the most advanced technology to spread our winning message. Develop an effective statewide media strategy and advertising campaign to further highlight why conservative Republican solutions work best.  Instead of running from our positions on life, marriage, and border security, we will embrace them.  We will be bold and courageous, unashamed of what we believe, and we will not bow at the altar of political correctness.  
    • The state chair needs to be your voice-defending and fighting for our platform.  We must take on Democrats and those in our own party who oppose our platform. We must promote our candidates and fight against those who attack them for their conservative positions.