It's Time To Take Action

You Can Stop Men From Entering Women’s Bathrooms
It’s Time to Take Action!

Yesterday, we called on Texas conservatives to boycott Target stores in response to their store-wide policy allowing men and women to use the restrooms of their choice based on their “gender identity.” We view Target’s policy as nothing more than an end-run around the voters’ overwhelming rejection of this offensive and dangerous policy that LGBT activist Mayor Annise Parker’s Bathroom Ordinance (Houston Prop 1) that she attempted to force down the throats of Houstonians last year. You may recall a group of us led a local campaign to defeat Parker’s Bathroom Ordinance by an overwhelming majority vote of 61% to 39% last November.
At our press conference held in front of the Target store on San Felipe in Houston yesterday, I stated, “It’s time for the people of faith in our city, state and nation to rise up and say enough is enough! The radical left is going out of its way to offer special rights for special interests. What about the rights of our grandmothers, mothers, wives and daughters? Don’t they have a right to be protected in a public facility?”
In addition to the boycott, I am also supporting Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s call for legislation to address this issue by restricting public restrooms to a single sex. In Austin yesterday, Lt. Governor Patrick said, “I think the handwriting is on the bathroom wall: Stay out of the ladies’ room if you’re a man.” I fully support this and call on all Republican legislators, both in the Texas House and Senate, to pledge to support legislation to keep men out of women’s restrooms and pass that legislation in the next session of the Texas Legislature.
How Much Longer Will Tom Mechler Remain Silent?
I am also calling on the Republican Party of Texas and Chairman Tom Mechler, who has been silent on this issue, to add a plank to the Republican Party of Texas Platform making it clear that Republicans oppose cross-sex restrooms in Texas. I urge Republican grassroots activists to contact Tom Mechler and demand that he get off the sidelines on this issue and start representing the will of the grassroots. Tom Mechler can be reached at 512.477.9821 or by e-mail at
We Need to Add Language to Our 2016 RPT Platform that Keeps Men Out of Women’s Restrooms
Transgender Bathroom Policies, Laws, and Ordinances: The Republican Party of Texas opposes policies, laws and local ordinances which would open bathrooms, showers, and dressing facilities to all, regardless of gender, gender identity, or gender expression. We further support legislation that would define gender as the sex determined at a person’s birth and would criminalize the act of entering a shower or toilet facility designated for the opposite sex.
Bathroom Bills Killed in State House Last Legislative Session: RPT Remained Silent Again
It is worth noting that this fight would not be necessary if the Texas House had passed HB1748 – which would have criminalized “entering a shower or toilet facility designated for the opposite sex” – in the last session of the Legislature. Unfortunately, the House State Affairs Committee Chairman saw to it that the bill died without a vote on the floor. During the entire time, Tom Mechler remained silent! This is why it is so important to hold our elected officials accountable for what they do and what they fail to do. This is where interim RPT Chairman Tom Mechler and I disagree. I believe that the RPT should be constantly promoting conservative legislation and encourage the grassroots to do the same as citizen lobbyists. I believe that elected officials should be held accountable, whereas he states publicly that, in his words, that the RPT should not be “lobbyists.” He has stated, also publicly that instead of holding Speaker Joe Straus and his committee chairmen accountable that we need to “carry their water” and defend them regardless of their actions. I and many other grassroots conservatives believe this is wrong and it is time for a change of attitude and behavior at the top of our Party.
Take Action Now!
What can you do? Take action NOW!

  • Boycott Target stores

  • Sign the petition against the Target policy at

  • Join the Take Back Our Party movement by clicking here

  • Vote for Jared Woodfill for State Chairman and Cathie Adams for Vice-Chair at the Republican State Convention on the morning of May 13th in your Senate District Caucus

  • Contact your Texas State Senator and State Representative and demand that they vote for legislation to keep men out of women’s bathrooms

We at the grassroots need to rise up and make a difference by getting off the sidelines, on to the frontlines and fighting the good fight of faith. You and I working together can make a difference!
Thank you,
Jared Woodfill