Tom Mechler Trampling on First Amendment Rights of Conservative Media

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The Republican Party of Texas has denied media credentials to cover the state convention in Dallas on May 12-14.
In 2014, took the unprecedented and historical step of covering the Republican Party of Texas State Convention in Fort Worth, wall to wall. RER was the first media organization to provide live, audio-streamed coverage of the platform floor debate, literally blanketing the convention floor with reporters. Perhaps for the first time in Texas GOP history, full entry was given to any citizen of Texas that wanted to observe the RPT political process.
Now, as we approach our third anniversary, we are denied an application that requested 15 passes for RER team members.
The pettiness of this denial shows clearly the animosity that the current RPT leadership has for liberty media, the liberty movement, and any organization that doesn’t “carry the water” for the Establishment.
Apostle Claver announced the news on his program, and read the disrespectful response from the RPT communications coordinator, Michael Joyce: