Tom Mechler Ignores Platform, Giving RPT Money To Pro-Abortion Candidate

Research has discovered that the Republican Party of Texas through its Treasurer, Tom Mechler, made a campaign contribution of $19,884.75 to State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-Houston).
State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-Houston) is a pro-abortion Republican that is endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Sarah Davis voted against the pro-life Sonogram Bill in 2011 and was the only Republican to vote against the 2013 Omnibus Abortion Bill. Davis was the only Republican endorsed in 2014 by Planned Parenthood. She has also publicly pushed to change the RPT’s position from pro-life to pro-abortion.
The RPT platform specifically instructs the party NOT to give financial support to any candidate that doesn’t support the pro-life planks of the platform:
Candidate Support – The Republican Party of Texas should provide financial support only to those candidates who support the right to life planks. (RPT Platform p. 15)
Why are we funding pro-abortion candidates with your donations?
When will Tom Mechler and the RPT start adhering to the Platform?
Tom Mechler continues to ignore your Platform and is complicit in using RPT dollars to support pro-abortion candidates!
It is time to take a stand and say “NO” to Tom Mechler’s liberal agenda for our Republican Party of Texas!
Thank you for your support!
Jared Woodfill
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