It’s Time to Stand With North Carolina!

North Carolina recently took a bold, principled stand, passing legislation that prevented Bathroom Ordinances like the one we recently defeated in Houston. North Carolina’s Gov. Pat McCrory is now under pressure from the same folks we battled in Houston, including big businesses who oppose the state’s new law that stops men from going into women’s restrooms, showers, and locker rooms. Like Houston, President Obama has chosen to stand with those who believe biological males who are gender confused should be allowed to go into female bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms. The Obama Administration is threatening loss of federal funding to North Carolina, particularly Title IX. It is time to take a stand and lock arms with our friends in North Carolina.
This fight already came to Houston and we won! The battle will likely be fought again in Texas, making it important that we support North Carolina!
I want to encourage you to use your email and social media platforms to call out the administration and show your support for North Carolina’s Gov. Pat McCrory.
Below is the contact information for Gov. McCrory and the North Carolina legislators. Please contact them today and let them know Texas stands with them! Together, let’s fight the good fight!
North Carolina Governor:
There are three public folder e-mail mailboxes that are accessible for members of the North Carolina General Assembly.
All Legislators:
House Members:
Senate Members:
Thank you!
Jared Woodfill