From the Desk of Ray Myers, Chairman, Kaufman County Tea Party

RPT Interim Chairman Tom Mechler’s positions and record are very clear:

• Will not support the present RPT platform in total.
• Will support the “Texas Solution,” a de facto amnesty for millions of illegals and cave to the issue of cheap labor.
• Mechler and his Joe Straus cronies killed a resolution presented to the SREC upholding the law and print the election tapes at the close of Election Day. Mechler’s team killed the resolution.
• Will support the LGBT community to gain access to our Convention even though our Party Platform is directly opposed to their participation.
• Will not hold Elected State Officials accountable when they do not uphold the planks in our Party Platform.

When you look at the RECENT history of the Republican Party of Texas, I’m reminded of this quote from Senator Ted Cruz: “Let Me Be Clear, I Don’t Trust The Republicans” – 5/22/13.
All we have to do is look at the positions of Tom Mechler and his record. Why should we feel any different? We Need Leadership That We Can Trust! We need Jared Woodfill as our next Republican Party of Texas Chairman!
Ray Myers
Chairman, Kaufman County Tea Party