Attend Your Precinct Convention on March 1 at 7 PM
Get Elected a Delegate
Pass Conservative Resolutions
Change RPT Leadership

Dear Fellow Conservative Republicans,
The liberal Republicans who control the leadership positions in the Texas House, lieutenants of liberal Speaker Straus, and in the Republican Party of Texas (RPT), interim party chairman Tom Mechler, and his lieutenants, are determined to water down our RPT platform, working to remove the pro-Biblical marriage, pro-religious liberty, pro-school choice, opposition to the homosexual political agenda, opposition to sanctuary cities, American Law for American Courts, strong pro-life language, and other social conservative planks in the Republican Party of Texas platform at the State Convention this May 12th-14th.
You can stop this from happening by attending your precinct convention at your voting location on Tuesday night, March 1, 2016 at 7 PM. In some areas of Texas (NOT Harris County) the precinct conventions may be held later in the week. Ask your election judge in your precinct about this.
We must stand for our Judeo-Christian values and have them reflected in our civil government. We must keep the Republican Party of Texas conservative!
You may not be aware that you can vote twice in the Republican Party Primary. You have either already voted early or will be voting Tuesday, March 1. This is your first vote. Did you know that you can also vote again that night at your Precinct Convention which will be held at your neighborhood precinct voting location after the voting ends at 7 PM?
The Precinct Convention is not well-known, but is like a town hall meeting made up of Republicans who have voted in the Republican Primary and live in your precinct.
Anyone who votes in the Republican primary election (either in early voting, voting by mail, or at the polls on election day) is eligible to attend his or her precinct convention. Your convention will take place at your precinct’s election day polling place after the polls close at 7:00 p.m. The time and place of your precinct convention must be posted at each poll during primary election day. Expect anywhere from one to well over 50 – 100 participants to attend.
The precinct convention is called to order by the Precinct Chairman or a person acting in his stead. This person is the Temporary Precinct Convention Chairman. A Permanent Precinct Convention Chairman and Secretary are then elected by majority vote. The Convention Chairman may appoint a Sergeant-at-Arms and/or a Parliamentarian.
There are only two items of business for the precinct convention:
1) The election of delegates and alternates to county or senatorial district conventions which will be held on Saturday, March 19th, and
2) The approval of resolutions to be sent to these conventions. These resolutions then work their way through senatorial district conventions to the Republican State Convention where, if adopted, they become part of the State Republican Party Platform. Be sure to print out the recommended resolutions in triplicate and get them passed by your precinct convention.
At the precinct convention, attendees decide by majority vote who gets to be delegates and alternates to the county/senatorial district convention which are scheduled for Saturday, March 19. Often, everyone who attends becomes a delegate to the next level. However, if a large number attend, decisions will need to be made as to who will be a delegate and who will be an alternate.
The only requirement to be elected as a delegate or alternate to the county/senatorial district convention is to have voted in the 2016 Republican primary election. It is not required to attend the precinct convention in order to be elected to the next higher level. Longtime Republicans often perform tasks for the party or candidates during Election Day, which prevents them from being able to attend. However, for those who are new to the party, attending the precinct convention will definitely increase the likelihood of being one of those elected.
After the election of delegates to the county or senatorial convention, it is time to vote on the resolutions. Please be sure to print out in triplicate and pass the conservative resolutions. Be sure to take family, friends and neighbors who are conservative Republicans to the precinct convention with you.
1 Timothy 6:12 implores us to fight the good fight! We must fight the good fight and take back our Republican Party of Texas!
Be sure to Download The Packet of Resolutions.
Jared Woodfill