Time to Fight the Good Fight!
Jared Woodfill to Run for Republican Party of Texas Chairman

In I Timothy 6:12, the Bible instructs us to “fight the good fight of faith…” In his letter to Timothy, the Apostle Paul makes it clear that there are some things worth fighting for – faith, family, freedom!
Texas stands at a crossroads. Freedom in America is under attack. Religious liberties are being assaulted, unelected lawyers are redefining marriage, the Tenth Amendment is being trampled on, our Second Amendment rights are being taken through unconstitutional executive orders, taxpayers are funding a Planned Parenthood organization that traffics in baby body parts, Obamacare is raising our premiums and limiting our healthcare choices, radical Islamic terrorists are taking the lives of our families and some are running from our Judeo Christian heritage.
Our generation must decide the fate of American liberty, and Texas must either lead the fight or bow at the altar of political correctness. Strong leadership must guide our future and our Republican Party of Texas.
Friends, we are engaged in a cultural war and our Republican Party of Texas leadership is running from the fight! One need only look at the 2015 legislative sessions to find evidence of the RPT surrendering our values. When American Law for American Courts died in the state House, our Republican Party of Texas remained silent. When bills to eliminate sanctuary cities died in the state House, our Republican Party of Texas remained silent. When school choice died in the state House, our Republican Party of Texas remained silent. When strong pro-life legislation that would have prevented your premiums from being used for abortions died in the state House, our Republican Party of Texas remained silent. When a bill that would have prevented in-state tuition for illegal aliens died in the state House, our Republican Party of Texas remained silent. When bills dealing with ethics reform died in the state House, our Republican Party of Texas remained silent. When almost every pro-marriage bill died in the state House, our Republican Party of Texas remained silent.
It is time for a change and it is time to fight!
This fight became very clear to me when Houston Mayor Annise Parker and the Houston City Council passed an ordinance allowing biological males who were gender confused to enter the restroom of the sex they identified with, regardless of whether they were biological males or females. Yes, men, including registered sex offenders, could enter a female restroom under the protection of law. If a business owner said no, they could be prosecuted by the City of Houston. Instead of backing down, we engaged in the fight.
Working with pastors, activists and concerned citizens, we collected almost 55,000 signatures (Houston City Charter requires 17,269) in an effort to put the issue to the voters. After wrongfully rejecting our petitions, we filed a lawsuit. I had the opportunity to serve as the lead plaintiff in a suit styled Woodfill v. Parker where we took Mayor Parker to the Texas Supreme Court and won the right for the people of Houston to be heard at the ballot box on the Houston Bathroom Ordinance.
Working with other conservative activists, we then formed Campaign for Houston, an organization designed to defeat the Bathroom Ordinance at the ballot box. In almost 90 days we raised approximately $1.7 million dollars and help organize a grassroots driven campaign that touched every part of Houston.
During the campaign, liberal, pro-homosexual organizations poured in millions of out-of-state dollars trying to sway the voters. President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders thought that by weighing in on the election that their endorsements would influence the voters to support the Bathroom Ordinance. After spending over $5 million, the proponents of the Bathroom Ordinance went down in a humiliating defeat by a 61 percent to 39 percent margin!
The Houston victory speaks volumes to our ability to grow our party when we take bold, principled stands. The predominantly African-American districts rejected Proposition 1 by a 72 percent to 28 percent margin.
The Houston fight further illustrated the war being waged by the secular left on the biblical foundations of our culture and this was one of the battlegrounds. We can only win this war if we show up for the fight!
After much prayer and discussion with family and friends, I have decided to run for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. For twelve years, I had the privilege to serve as Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party (2002-2014). I was honored to be elected the youngest (33 yrs. old) and longest serving Chairman in the history of the Harris County Republican Party. I believe my twelve-year tenure provided me the experience necessary to lead the Republican Party of Texas. With over two million registered voters, Harris County is larger than twenty-four states.
During my tenure as Chairman, Harris County experienced four countywide Republican sweeps, a record straight ticket vote of approximately 405,000, and Republican growth in communities that have not traditionally voted Republican. We also raised approximately $20 million to get Republicans elected in Harris County.
As Chairman of the largest Republican county party in the country, I had the opportunity to present the conservative viewpoint to almost every major media outlet. I bring this to your attention because I believe the next Chairman must have experience dealing with the media. He must be able to articulate the conservative message and be willing to publicly confront the liberal left. Additionally, I have presided over six primaries and organized six joint conventions (Harris County combined all eight SD Conventions into one venue). As Chairman, we successfully pioneered a Joint Judicial Campaign, which resulted in huge success at the ballot box for our local judiciary (86 Republicans 14 Democrats). We also brought the most recent technology to Harris County, effectively utilizing social media and pioneering voter contact technology.
I have and will continue to be a vocal advocate for the conservative values that brought our Republican Party to the majority in Texas. Faith, family, and freedom continue to motivate me to stand against the left’s liberal agenda for our state and country. To remain the majority party, we must fight for the sanctity of life, stand for traditional marriage, and aggressively oppose an Obama administration that seeks to destroy our God given liberties. We must be bold and proud of our principles as outlined in our platform. My conservative beliefs, experience as Chairman of the largest county Republican Party in the country, and unwavering commitment to our party platform, motivated me to run for this important position.
My friend Cathie Adams has chosen to run for Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. Cathie is a pro-life, pro-marriage, liberty driven warrior who served as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and President of Texas Eagle Forum. Cathie and I are currently co-hosting “Take Back Our Party” rallies all across the state. The rallies include Texas Right to Life, Texas Values Action, Concerned Women for America, Wall Builders, Texas Eagle Forum, Conservative Republicans of Texas and many other conservative organizations. The rallies provide updates on the 84th legislative session and delegate training for those who want to attend the Republican Party of Texas state convention in Dallas from May 12-14.
As Texas goes, so too goes the country. I look forward to further sharing my vision for our Republican Party of Texas. Please sign up for our emails and like us on Facebook so we can keep you posted on events, activities and rallies in your part of the state.
With the Lord’s help and favor, I know we can be victorious in returning our party, state, and nation to the principles on which it was founded. I look forward to working with you to “Take Back Our Party!” It’s time to fight the good fight!
Very truly yours,
Jared Woodfill

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